Embellished Flax.

Embellished Flax.

First, I will say that I had dinner with my cousin at Anthony’s in Everett, Washington, last night. It’s on the waterfront and it specializes in seafood. They have Sunset Special 4 course meals to choose from, but we decided to skip the apetizer, soup, and dessert options and focus on an amazing entrée. I had a difficult time deciding between the halibut and Copper River Sockeye Salmon. We ended up ordering both and sharing. The woman who took our orders was excited that we had chosen her two favorites. She had the cooks do the sharing in the kitchen so we could just enjoy the food when it came.

The meal came with a basket of fresh organic wholegrain bread and a slab of butter decorated with a sprig of thyme. I don’t have time for the aftereffects of eating bread, but my cousin enjoyed some and then asked for the rest to be removed. I thought that was a great idea. When I was eating bread (and sugar) I think I would have just plowed through the entire loaf, eaten all the food, and been uncomfortably full. And, yes, I would have opted for the 4 courses because it was a good deal for the most food (and it included dessert). I shudder to think of my lack of impulse controls then. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t enjoy such an opportunity,  I’m saying that my sugar addiction in control tends to gluttony, not true enjoyment of food.

I asked about the added sugar content of the sauces and was happy to find out they were safe for me. She had the chef keep the sauces separate, though and I think it made the meal even better. I used the leftover sweet red pepper and hickory something or other sauces with my garlic mashed potatoes and sugar snap peas. Mmmmmm.

This dinner was an experience. An event. Memorable for the company, the location, the food, and the feelings of comfortable satisfaction with it all.

Okay. Back to the flax. It’s the last morning of my Pacific Northwest trip. I’ve had a wonderful time, but I’m looking forward to getting home. Those are facts. (As long as my flight doesn’t get canceled or something.)

I had a great breakfast this morning. That is also a fact. But there’s a little more (and, by the way, I’m pretty sure that I have lost weight which makes me a little Maureen).

Part of my tools for managing my sugar addiction includes packing emergency food supplies. I have serving size baggies of protein powder, little packets of ground flax, and tuna pouches.

This morning I was on my own for breakfast. I decided to use 2 flax packs to make a pancake in the microwave. (1/4 cup ground flax, 1 egg, 1/2 tsp baking powder, dash salt, 1 T butter. Blend in soup bowl and zap for a minute on high.)

My cousin stirs and drains her Greek yogurt so it’s extra thick and sort of like cream cheese. I used about a 1/4 cup of that, a few drops of almond extract, and spread that  mixture on top of the flax pancake.

The crowning embellishment to my flax was the rest of the berries I had picked on Tuesday mixed with sliced local (amazingly tasty) strawberries.

And that was my breakfast. Not just the flax. But truthfully good. And now it’s in-belly-ished!



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