Mt. Rainier.

I saw Mt. Rainier Sunday evening when I was driving to my friends’ home in Edmonds. It was right in front of me as I got on I-5 in Everett. I glanced at it from time to time as it sat there on my right while I headed south. And then I went around a bend and didn’t see it anymore.

I remembered hearing a pilot announce that we would see Mt. Rainier as we approached Seattle. The sky was clear and the mountain was huge. He said that seeing Mt. Rainier  was a prediction of rain. If you couldn’t see it, it was already raining.

Well. It’s raining. A lot. But it’s still lovely here. The plants are lush. The wild  blackberries are lucious. I picked some this morning (when it wasn’t raining) but didn’t taste them until supper tonight. It was different for me to not eat my way through the berry patch but it wasn’t mealtime and I really wanted to wait.

I wanted to wait. I chose to wait. And I was successful. To eat between meals would be to rain on my own parade. We don’t have options for the weather. But I have options for using my tools.

Back to Mt. Rainier. It’s pronounced rain ear. But right now it’s rainier. I don’t have to listen too hard to know that.

I’m glad I got to see the mountain Sunday, even if it meant rain.

And now I need to check out the inside of my eyelids.


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