Phone-Y. But I’ll call it real.

It’s hard to post from my smartphone. It leaves me feeling dumb. The words don’t come or my typing’s all thumbs–interfering with what I have to say. (This is what’s happ’ning today.)

I’ve been traveling for a couple of weeks and I have a few days to go. I’ve been busy and happy (and felt a little sappy when I saw Rainier all covered in snow).

I’ve seen a lot of relatives and folks I’m relatively close to. I’m having conversations. Not grazing though my days. And my plan for feeling healthy has helped in lots of ways.

I’ve settled securely in my mind just what I have to do. I won’t deprive myself of health, so I think before I chew.  I have the record in my book (have you seen it yet? Go take a look!).

I would find it more amazing if I turned my back and moo’d. Grazing my way through vacation days on things I had eschewed.

No I’m simply convinced I enjoy life more when my addiction is under control. And now here is my post that is phone-y but real. Perhaps you’ll find that it’s droll!

20160614_091607The picture is of a Northwestern slug. It’s what I would feel like if I were to eat added sugar and graze between meals. No thanks.


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