Imagine Nary Eating.

I spent last weekend surrounded by family and friends and food. Graduation party food. Pizza Ranch food. Chicken Lips from Burlington, IA, cakes, cookies, fruit, home made mints, pulled pork, quinoa salad, and more. In the eating department, I chose fuelishly, not foolishly (for me).  I imagined the tastes of everything and ate nary a bite of the things that would wake my addiction and harm me. Imagine nary eating.

I did not feel deprived. I felt empowered. I smelled the sweets, I even cut the rice Krispy treats.I listened to people crunch through my homemade biscotti. And drool their way through chicken lips, and deep fat fried pork tenderloins. The graduation cake was store made with a not too sweet whipped frosting. Well, it was not too sweet for the people eating it. I ate nary a bite.

I used my single serve protein shake mix, flaxseed packets, and coconut mango chiapple sqeezy packs for breakfast. They aren’t my favorite, but they aren’t bad. They don’t make me gag. And they keep me fueled until lunchtime.

The rest of the meals I managed with good choices. Our niece and her husband encourage their 3 and 1 year old to make good choices. That was a nice reinforcement for my own personal use!

My food contributions to the festivities included an ancient grains salad (gluten-free, dairy free, added sugar free). I also made spiced apple slices. And then some chocobanzo cupcakes sweetened with said slices. The reviews are fueling me to get more serious with my cookbook project!

I don’t have to imagine nary eat everything delicious! I just reserve my eating for the things that are good beyond the eating, too! I like for the whole experience to be worth it!



5 thoughts on “Imagine Nary Eating.

  1. I love “it didn’t make me gag” Sometimes that really IS the best we can say, but at least we are getting nutrition and it feels GOOD to not be putting something that will harm us into our mouths. One of my last meals with my Mom was a Saturday night supper of baked beans. She couldn’t eat it, of course, but sat there making believe she was. Well, by sat, I mean leaning against her pillows. She put her imaginary spoon up to her mouth opened, shut and then chewed with this blissful look on her face. Her spirit was amazing and made me cry.

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