Dis A Point Meant.

Dis A Point Meant.

I wrote the following post on my Weight Watchers blog earlier today. And then I decided to tweak it a bit to share on this blog. The reference to points has to do with how Weight Watchers track food.

I started thinking about disappointment yesterday after I threw out a bag of freshly popped popcorn. I had popped the corn on impulse. I wasn’t hungry. I was stressed. I was tired. I was not sure what to do next. My daughter was out of the house. The addict in me saw an opening and went on the prowl.

I haven’t had popcorn for awhile because I realized that the corn was acting like sugar in my system. Addiction likes to suggest more proof is needed, though. Addiction is tricky like that. It can focus on the no sugar added and ignore the fact of carbohydrate equaling sugar in my body. I’m not sure how I was justifying the in between meal eating, but I deliberately opened the box of microwave popcorn and took out a bag. I hesitated slightly before I opened the outer wrap, then did an override of my sense and committed the microwave to do its thing. I even extended the popping time to ensure maximum payout.

But when the popcorn was all done popping, I took the bag out of the microwave and threw it in the garbage. I had the smell of it and that was enough for me to come to my other senses. I sensed I would be disappointed with the aftertaste and aftereffects of the popcorn. I sensed that it would be a waste of points and a waste of my health to consume it. And it surely would have been a waste to my waist.

When my daughter called to tell me she was on her way home, I told her what I had done. She congratulated me. She knew it was a big deal. And I did, too. I got a lot of encouragement from wasting that bag of popcorn. So much so, that I feel like it wasn’t wasted on me.

Last night, as I was settling in to sleep, I thought about how disappointed I would have been with myself had I eaten that bag of popcorn. And then I thought about dissing a point. “That’s not worth the points it would consume.” The point of the dis is to dissuade me from eating it. And the “it” would have just meant my body would have to deal with it somewhere. Likely my waist.

And from that, a poem was born.

Dis a point meant for waist
Went to garbage instead
I wasted the point because I had loint
It just wasn’t good for my head.

So now I can sleep without having to weep
For what I should not have done
I kept my head clear and don’t have to fear
‘Cause I fought that battle and won.

In non-disappointing news: today, my husband and I are celebrating 31 years of marriage. We’re not all washed up but we do have a new washing machine! (The old one took up smoking earlier in the week. It didn’t respond to a patch and so we replaced it.)

The washer was delivered this morning. I haven’t used it yet. I didn’t realize when we picked it out that it is a smart washer. I can download an app to my phone and troubleshoot my laundry with it to select the perfect washing cycle. Then I can start the machine with my phone. That is the theory. In practice, my daughter has commandeered the laundry and is doing it all. Life’s Good.

Photo credit to Karina Aliprandi


11 thoughts on “Dis A Point Meant.

  1. I will have to admit, I did not throw the bag into the trash. It was the very last one left in the house from a box I got for the kids last winter! I ate it and wished I hadn’t. Brad read that microwave popcorn is the most unhealthy snack available to humankind. And the kind I popped was not the healthiest of the unhealthy either. LOTS OF FAKE BUTTER. Never again.

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  2. Happy Anniversary and congrats on having a new washing machine and even better a daughter that does the laundry. I am absolutely loving this afternoon I reading all your posts here. I do hope you will come and play with us at Sir Blogsalots Round Table on FB. Between you and me I highly suspect Laurie and I are not the only sugar/flour addicts at the Round Table! LOL Send the sir your e-mail with your Community user ID to sir_blogsalot@yahoo.com and tell him Irna invited you to join our closed group. Aloha!

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