Inside Out Omelet.

Inside Out Omelet.

I would have posted a picture had not been quite so hungry when it was ready. Perhaps a thousand words will work instead?!

Yesterday’s cookie recipe experiment worked. I followed my made up recipe to the letter using measuring cups and levelers. I still didn’t try them, but my daughter and husband gave their hearty approval. Because I was curious, I entered the recipe into my Weight Watchers calculator and confirmed that they are pricey on the points scale. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone who might have trouble limiting consumption to one or two.

So the inside out omelet I had for breakfast. I sauteed some kale in a little butter. Whipped up three eggs and poured them over the kale. When the eggs were set and ready to flip, I sprinkled two tablespoons of Hormel Real Bacon Bits over the top of the eggs and then sliced about an ounce of seriously sharp cheddar cheese on top of that. Then I flipped the whole thing to have the eggs finish cooking and the bacon and cheese crisp up a bit. I served it folded over like a classic omelet, but the bacon, kale, and cheese were on the outside. I will make this again. It was good and it lasted me until lunch.

Lunch was some homemade chicken soup with full fat cottage cheese. I made a gluten free roll, split it in half and toasted it. I topped that with butter and thoroughly enjoyed the crunch. I had worked up quite an appetite spreading mulch. (I had 10 yards delivered this morning.) I was slightly amused to think that instead of munching between meals, I was mulching between meals. It worked for me!

So back to lunch. I finished off my lunch with some homemade pineapple coconut soft serve. I used about a cup of frozen pineapple and a third of a cup of lite coconut milk. I also added a drop of almond extract. Vanilla would work, too. That all got blended to smooth with my food processor. It tasted really great and it kept me all afternoon. The only think I might change about the recipe is to add a little sea salt the next time I make it.

The mulching is done. It was hard work. Not only did we move and spread ten yards of mulch, we also edged the rest of the flower beds. I’m not sure what supper will be, but I’m thinking a steak might be in order.

Well, that’s not a thousand words. I’ll post this and then add in a picture of my soft-serve. Some days my blogging is just chatter. But that doesn’t matter. It’s what works for me.





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