Addict. Ad Dict.

I posted this on my Weight Watchers blog and then decided to paste it here. I’m not sure why there’s a blank line in the first “verse” but there it is. You can read between the lines. Or not.

There’s a lot of weight behind my words

(Though my backside is smaller than ever)
I’ve lived my plan because I can
And part of it’s working my clever.
I use the eat in creative
Instead of filling my mouth
I write blog posts and comments galore
In the north, east, west, and south.
It doesn’t matter the locale
Whether your gender’s male or gal
Encouragement works–some chitter chatter
It helps me stay out of cookie dough and batter.
If too much is on the figurative plate
The answer is not food
Piled upon a literal plate:
It spoils the figure and mood.
I’ve come to grips as an addict
There’s no use griping ’bout that
I used to dismiss and ignore it
But it ended up making me fat.
I’m thankful to know and be aware
That I’m like an addict with sweets
I have some tools and guidelines or rules
That change the way I view treats.
I’ve accepted the facts of the way I acts
When sugar is in control
It has helped me adapt, my attention is rapt
As I Go On And Live at goal
Some of these thoughts came to me as I was thinking about the word addict. Of course I tried to look at the word a different way. Ad dict seems to imply moving toward saying something. Or advertisement diction. What am I moving towards saying. What am I advertising? How does my life speak? Those are some pretty deep questions and they deserved some thought.
The addict out of control is all about, “Give me more.” But (and this is big) I’ve learned to go beyond that and say, “Give me Maureen.” I’m not saying I’ve got this perfect all of the time, but I’m always moving towards living what I’m saying. Even a person who backslides can start moving forward again. It might feel like time has been lost instead of weight, but I’ve learned to learn and move forward.
My book subtitle, Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction, is purposely worded that way. The learning process is continual. As I look back to the things I ate at the beginning of my journey but tend to avoid now, it’s because I’ve been paying attention in the school that is my life. My awareness continues to be refined as I avoid more and more refined foods.
In the last Weight Watchers meeting I attended, I mentioned my blogging activity as a tool for staying in control and not eating between meals. I said, “Processed thoughts are better than processed food.” That may not work in every sense of the phrase, but it resonated with a few people. It works for me.
My experience with Weight Watchers personnel is that the company does not acknowledge sugar addiction as real. That used to bug me. A lot. Sort of like the negative stance on saturated fats. I know that science evolves. Butter is better shows up in the cardiologist tweets I follow.
Weight Watchers has made major strides by acknowledging that sugar is a problem. They realize calories aren’t the only factor in weight management. But I was able to use the tools and lose before they came out with SmartPoints because I was paying attention to my body and mind.
I can still use the tools and maintain even though the fats that my body needs cost more points than they used to. I’m not afraid to spend the points how they work best for me because I’m paying attention to my body and mind. How I feel. It’s good.

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