Encouragement and Thankfulness.

Encouragement and Thankfulness.

I dedicated my book to the memory of my dad. He was an example and an encourager. I find encouragement when I think about him and how he lived. I miss him. My coffee got a bit salty when I was thinking about him on the morning of his birthday last week. I’m thankful for his influence of encouragement that remains alive and well.

I look at the word encouragement and see courage. I listen to the word and hear meant. That can be taken several ways, I suppose. As an aside, I sometimes think of memento as momeanto. Like, Mom meant to do this, but didn’t get to it. That’s not much encourage meant. But encourage meant to offer support, confidence or hope (thanks for the definition, Google!) is another thing. It can be in silence or with words. Or singing like the birds. It can be given or taken. A notice on awaken.

That notice thing is something I forget to do sometimes. But when I stop and listen to the birds singing in the morning, I find it encouraging. Awareness of encouragement is something I want to work on. Sometimes it’s too easy to see discouragement. Sometimes it’s not even meant that way. I know it’s easier for me to be encouraged when I try to encourage others. Noticing and encouraging good. The road might be long, but I can have a song!

I’m trying really hard (it’s not always easy) to take my book publishing in stride. There’s a thing that could be called post publishing depression (although I wasn’t forced to publish, it’s a really strange feeling to have put my addiction story out for anyone to read and then wonder what people think but know that I can’t know). I have to see the encouragement in having sold over 100 copies.  Very few books reach 1,000 sales and I’m over ten percent of the way there in two months!  Two new reviews were posted on Amazon last week. And they’re all good.

But aside from that, having my book to read and remind me of my journey needs to be an encouragement in itself (whether or not it’s on anyone else’s shelf)! It’s my best cellar foundation for staying in control of my sugar addiction. Worrying or wondering about stuff that I can’t know doesn’t add to that foundation. It actually makes me lose ground and maybe forget to use the tools that I need to keep using  to stay in control to move forward.

I think the bottom line here is thankfulness. I’m thankful for parents who have encouraged me for good. I’m thankful to know and continue to learn what helps me in my I’m possible journey of living with sugar addiction. And I’m thankful that I’ve been able to encourage a few people on their own possible journeys.

With gratitude and much more (e’en). That’s my signature line.



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