I heard someone talking about Social Security this morning. I found it interesting to be reminded that it is not just a thing for retired folks, but it also is a life insurance program for families. It’s not an entitlement but rather, it’s an insurance program that people who have fica taken out of their paychecks are paying for.

When the speaker talked about cost of living adjustments, my mind wandered to its acronym,  COLA. From there, my attention fizzled and I started thinking about soft drinks.  Then coke. And then drugs and addiction.

As I’ve been learning to use Twitter, I have also been learning about the politics of sugar. Several countries have imposed or proposed taxes on sugary soft drinks. When I come across a tweet about it, I will retweet it with a comment about sugar taxing my body and brain. When it comes to sugar, I refrain. If a cost of living adjustment has to do with maintaining quality of life, I’d call my abstinence of soda a cola.

Obesity was an extreme tax on physical and mental health and wealth. My obesity was related to sugar addiction. I was able to crack the hold sugar had on me by paying attention to what I was eating and feeling. It was a small price to pay to eliminate the taxing effects of my addiction. It was a cost of living adjustment that has greatly improved my quality of life.

I am much more bubbly without soda. When I think I  am hungry between meals I enjoy drinking seltzer. Life is sweeter without sugar. And although I have to continue to pay attention, I feel like it’s extremely worth it to have the security of control over sugar. Socially and by myself.


3 thoughts on “COLA

  1. The state should just ban the sugary drinks in my opinion. They offer absolutely nothing of value. No REAL pleasure, no nutrition, nothing you can’t get from water or a healthier drink.

    It’s a terrible thing in a country where society pays for health and dental care, that some people get hooked on this junk and end up getting obese, addicted, diabetic etc. The profits go to greedy corporations while your fellow citizens pick up the cost of the healthcare. Not to mention the addict and all the psychological and health related misery he has to suffer.
    Seems insane to chase after marijuana which is really hard to be hooked on and not particularly dangerous if you do. While this sugary poison is peddled everywhere you look.

    There is none more zealous than the newly converted, i.e. me! Ban it! Now!

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    1. It is a shame to see how sugar affects so many for the worse. (I suppose that could include all of humanity!?!) I’m careful to not suggest everyone give up sugar, though. Some people can handle it and moderate it just fine. I have to focus on being thankful that I could get it out of my system and learn it’s best to keep it out. As a consequence, I’m seeing my youngest child making choices to eat less and less sweet stuff. If I said she couldn’t eat it she might react the opposite! 🙂


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