Guest Blogging.

I was asked to write a guest blog (click here) for an author who likes to review books on her website. She recently published her first book (in a series of three) about a woman and her husband adjusting to retirement. I was pointed to her website as an example of what my publishing company could create for an author.

I chose to create my own website (with much help from my husband and younger daughter). I also chose to strike up a friendship with this author by reading and commenting on her website’s blog and then reading and reviewing her book. She has a friendly and fun writing style and I enjoyed reading her book even though her protagonist doesn’t share many of my interests.

There are probably a few universal truths about adjusting to retirement and I am glad to start thinking about this a few years in advance. There’s something to financial planning for retirement and there’s also something to psychological planning for retirement. Check out if you’re curious.

In other news, I’ve been very aware of my condition as a struggling sugar addict. In no way do I want anyone to think wrongly that I’ve got this thing wrapped up and I’m always completely in control of it. I have learned a lot and I’ve come a long way. But even without sugar, food can pose a problem for me.

My sugar addiction wants me to hide the fact that I had some trouble with grazing yesterday. Not actually eating sugar, just grazing. Eating. All day long. Like a cow. Moo-reen. Except that cows are expected to eat all day long. At least six hours eating and 8 hours ruminating. I looked it up on and that’s what was posted after the ad for saving 70% on car rentals (or was that cow rentals?).

I suppose I could consider writing as my form of ruminating. It’s actually one of the tools I use to keep from eating between meals. I’ve been ruminating about why I have had this problem with grazing. It could be that my injury from platelet donation and the subsequent inability to type with both hands, sleep all night long, and do my normal exercising for almost two weeks were factors. Or not. But the fact is that it happened. I’ve owned it. By not pretending it didn’t happen, I’m working at moving on. Not mooo-ving on.

Denying that the grazing happened is denying awareness. Awareness is a big part of my success story. Ah yes. Now I’m remembering. AAA to the rescue again. Awareness. Acceptance. Adapting. I think I missed the Adapting part of that when I had the injury. Perhaps I could have recorded my thoughts with voice to text on my phone. Might have been interesting to read what it thought I was saying.

Oh well. The deeper thought here is that I am not craving sugar or grazing right now. I’m craving feeling healthy. It has been about six months since I felt like this. I’m thankful to have my collection of tools to use and feel like myself again. Maureen. I’m possible. Write now.



One thought on “Guest Blogging.

  1. Moo! Thanks Maureen for sharing your tools and thoughts with us. I actually think my character Charli shares quite a few interests with you- saying “I’m Possible” to retirement, enjoying family, laughing and staying positive!

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