To Market, To Market.

When I wrote my book, I didn’t really consider the marketing part of it. It’s basically a small business if I chose to embrace it. For now, I’m relying on social media and word of mouth advertising. If people read my book and like it, I’m hoping they will tell their friends. There will be some people who don’t like my book and will wonder why I wrote it. That’s ok. I’m satisfied that my initial purpose has been met.

The main purpose for which I wrote the book was to help me stay on track with controlling my sugar addiction. The secondary purpose was to share my experience because I had people encouraging me to do that. My dad often said I should write and publish a book. My fellow Weight Watchers bloggers also said I should publish. In fact, a few years ago one woman said she hoped to meet me some day to find out what I looked like (my profile picture looked like a point in blue). Perhaps it would be at a Barnes and Noble book signing. She’s a writer herself and has been published in several newspapers and magazines. She told me about a neighbor who had published with iUniverse and that was a next step on my author journey. We’re planning to meet in the near future.

So now I’ve published my book. I’ve promoted it on twitter, Facebook, and here. People have bought my book and they’re starting to read it. It’s exciting and also a little scary. There’s a feeling of vulnerability that isn’t very comfortable. I’m glad I read Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly early this year. I’m living it.

I’ve experienced one negative. Someone asked someone else if he wanted to see my book. And the answer was a flat no. But the other responses have been positive. My trail running friend called me the other day because she’d gotten my book and started reading it. She really likes it and wanted me to know that it inspired her to practice running for a 5.5 mile race she’s done every year since it started ten years ago. I’m hoping to run with her tomorrow.

My mother in law told me yesterday that she’s enjoying the book because it is me. My voice comes through. My humor comes through. She doesn’t feel like I’m trying to get her to do anything. I’m just telling, in an entertaining style, what worked for me. I was happy to hear her comment.

That’s in contrast to a woman who wrote in her Weight Watchers blog that she got my book but she was afraid to open it because she was afraid of what she’d have to do. That made me feel a little sad. But I also knew the feeling. It took me at least a few weeks to really look into Potatoes Not Prozac after I recognized myself in the description of a sugar addict on the back cover.

I had an exchange with a high school classmate on Facebook this morning. She posted a picture of a cruise ship she’ll be on very soon. I asked her if she needed any reading recommendations and she replied that she’s got my book and can’t wait to read it in the sun. My book is going on a cruise this weekend!

I’ve felt a welling of tears a few times when I’ve seen the comments on Facebook saying people had ordered and gotten my book. And tears spilled over a bit when a friend said she’d cried at the dedication page. Another friend wrote me a poem in response to her experience reading my book. And when an exchange on friend’s Facebook wall showed further reaching interest in my subject of sugar addiction, I felt glad I’d dared to write and publish in spite of the feelings of vulnerability.

I’ve tweeted at doctors and dietitians whose tweets have confirmed what I learned when I greatly reduced my sugar intake and paid attention to how I was feeling. There’s a bit of a thrill when they retweet what I’ve tweeted or reply to me. I’m just learning to fly on twitter and I’m not quite up to speed on all of it. But I’m building networks and learning a lot of interesting things a little bird told me.

There is science and data that validates my personal research. But even if it didn’t, I’m still doing what works for me. Actually, when I started Weight Watchers and gave a talk about my successful weight loss, I was asked to downplay the sugar part of my story. But this year, when Weight Watchers unveiled their new points values, sugar was a big factor. They don’t believe in sugar addiction yet. And they are warning about saturated fats. But there is increasing evidence and news about fats being good for people. It’s what I’ve proven for myself. Check out this video from a cardiologist in England.

So that’s my marketing thing. I’m wading into Pinterest and Instagram. I have some updating to do on my website ( If you read my book, I hope you enjoy it and tell someone else about it. I hope it makes you laugh. And maybe think. But most of all, I hope it encourages you to have some positive thoughts about good things that are possible.

I’m much more familiar with the food market. I shop differently than I used to. I still look for bargains and find them. But I don’t use coupons much. They’re usually for things that I stay away from. I check the reduced produce bin and the yellow tagged meats that have been marked for quick sale. I hit the jackpot yesterday after I finished a 3 mile walk with a friend.

This morning I have made two meatloafs (meatloaves?)  and meatballs with no sugar and no gluten. One meatloaf has blue cheese in it, but the other things are dairy free. I have the remains of a rotisserie chicken boiled and ready to pick for soup. Soon, I’ll have a cold cache of ready to heat meals in my freezer.

That’s enough for now. Please feel free to talk to me here, on twitter @impossiblesugar, or my Facebook page The I’m Possible Journey. I’d love to get your thoughts and reactions. Thank you.



3 thoughts on “To Market, To Market.

  1. I haven’t bought your book yet, but do intend to soon. Your blogs are an inspiration to me to continue what I started over four years ago….a more healthy journey. There have been a few slip ups, but as my health unfortunately has deteriorated in some ways, I feel that my healthy eating style has helped me not to give up feeling “well”. Thanks for all the encouragement, and keep up the good work. My friend Karen Saltarelli was the first one who posted about your book and I appreciate her doing this. Margaret LeVasseur, UK

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  2. I tweeted two tweeters who tweet …. well, something like that. Makes me think of Rockin’ Robin and that makes me want to get up and move, so there you’ve done it again. Motivated me! 🙂 This is so very exciting my dear friend and cousinbymarriage. Remember when we were riding bikes and stopped for a Chocolate Cow (I think it was called) ? So many years ago. And here we are. So proud of you.

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