Accidentals. On Purpose.

I had a minor thought today
And then it turned to major
I mused about some happenings
It’s just my second nature.

I’m about to launch my book
I’m serving food for thought
There’s a tiny little bit of time
Before it can be bought.

So this thought of accidentals
Of seeming happenstance
They’ve given me some purpose
And steps for a lifelong dance!

It’s not a two-step movement
Or waltzing through a door
But paying attention to my moods
And what I’m feeding my core.

It seemed to be an accident
When I stumbled on a book
But the purpose that came when I read the back page
Was a welcome, life changing hook!

I found out that sugar was holding me back.
It robbed me of control and made me always snack.

My thinking and reas’nings had been out of whack
But I found the weapon to turn and attack!

I took back control
Of my life without sugar
I found in my head
Much more than a booger!

(Poetic license
Might be revoked
I hope no one feels
Like they’ve been provoked!)

I took my findings
And wrote my book
I turned to the research
And had a look.

I found I was Daring Greatly
When I put myself in print
And the cardio’s message of ditching sugar
Is stronger than a hint.

I’ve accidentally, with purpose,
Happened on a wave
Of many people saying good-bye
To this thing called sugar–their crave!

It seems to be impossible
When the hold it has is strong
But by using good tools (and some guidelines and rules)
I found my I’m Possible song!

I’ve turned from eating all day long
To the eat in creative instead
I’m in control of my food and my mood
And this poem that came out of my head!

As I composed this little rhyme
There was music in my ears
I bowed to an unseen audience
Acknowledging the cheers.

I’ve really no idea how far
My book will go with sales
I’ll wind this up with a little tack
And keep steady if there’s gales!



5 thoughts on “Accidentals. On Purpose.

    1. Hi Cheryl! I haven’t “seen” you for awhile. Hope you are well. I’m going to be flying into Minneapolis and driving to Iowa at the end of the month. I’m wondering if there’s a chance we could meet (if you’re on our route).


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