Will Power or Won’t Power.

I’ve had a lot of people tell me they admire my will power. But lately I’ve been inclined to think it’s really won’t power that I have. I won’t eat certain things because I won’t compromise my feelings of good health. Not after I’ve worked so hard to find them.

I’ve learned with time and tenacity (I like holding onto good health) that I feel better when I won’t eat sugar or processed foods that are basically sugar. I feel better when I won’t eat between meals. I feel better when I won’t deprive my body of good exercise, enough water, or a multivitamin. .

The contraction of will not according to a regular pattern would be willn’t. But I like that it’s won’t because there’s an OWN sound in it that is helping me with this idea. I own the consequences of my choices. And won’t I feel best if I just do what I need to do for my health and not what makes me feel bad? If I will eat things that make me feel ill, who wins? Not me.

Perhaps another way to work this would be to say I don’t eat certain things. But don’t is a contraction of do not which seems to be a little too close to donuts. I won’t do donuts (or diets, for that matter). But I’m running circles around sugar. And I won’t stop..


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