Paradox or Pair o’ Docs.

Since I’ve written a book based on my own study of how I felt when I ate certain things, I’ve been checking out some media outlets for information on the subject of sugar addiction and basic health guidelines. I guess I had been a bit unplugged. But I found a series of parallel thoughts. They’re a bit eclectic. Or maybe they’re electric!

Some of the things that I’ve found on the health circuit have confirmed my personal findings. Sugar isn’t good for me to eat. Dietary fat isn’t all bad. I discovered this for myself as a fat person and continue to believe it as a thin person.

Part of my difficulty with diets before I stopped dieting was that they were so polarizing. And then there was the pendulum swing. Butter is bad. Butter is good. Don’t eat meat. Well, maybe you should.

There are doctors who swear by one thing and other doctors who swear at the same thing. I’m not knocking medicine. I appreciate the help that doctors can provide. But I’m seeing, more than I used to, that medicine is a very personal thing. I don’t think there are many, if any, physical or emotional ailments that have an optimal outcome with a one-size-fits-all approach.

With this in mind, my mind went rafting. Stream of conscious rafting. Or maybe it’s rapping. Imma grammy, you know!

It’s easy to find a pair o’ docs
Who simply don’t agree
Take a look beyond the books
And I think you’ll have to see
The science and data
And all kinds of facts
Can be less than they seem
Based on how one acts.
High fat, low fat,
Medium, wavy
Call in the fortune teller!
How good is gravy?
The human body,
By design
Works quite well
When it’s treated fine.
Moderation, balance,
Yogurt or culture.
It’s still headed down
The path for a vulture.
I think it best to let that rest
Life has a start and ends.
And then there’s the business of medicine
The bottom line’s what depends
On the success of trials and temptations
To jump to conclusions and more
Patent leather medicines
Insure the cycle to store.
Getting to the depths of it
Might not be so wise
I think I’ll be a chicken
And skip or pull it
My conclusion
(Just in time)
The very end
Of this little rhyme:
I’ll live like I’m living
Feed my spirit with grace
Right to the end
Of this human race!


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