Sugar Love. (not)

Sugar Love. (not)

Sugar and love. What goes together better than that? Eat this. I made it especially for you. I love you. Have a cookie. It’s Valentine’s Day. Here’s some chocolate.

Sugar and love don’t go together at all for me. I learned that sugar makes me not love myself. For me, sugar loves sugar. It’s selfish and only seeks to serve itself. I know because I lived with out of control sugar addiction for years and years.

Without sugar, I learned to love myself in a way that allows me to love others better. I take care of myself by not eating sugar. My husband supports my efforts to manage my sugar addiction. He knows it helps me, but it also helps him. We both agree that I’m easier to live with when sugar isn’t in control!

I became aware that I lost my impulse controls when I ate sugar. I found out that my thinking wasn’t clear. I was tired. I was overweight (and then obese), I ached all over. I wanted to escape, but the only way I knew was to eat more sugar only to find that the realities remained when I came out of my sugar coma. It wasn’t until I accepted that I was sensitive to sugar and started to make adaptations that I really started living in control of sugar and not the converse. (Speaking of Converse, sugar has a lot of sneak(er)y traits.)

My mind was the first beneficiary. After a few days, the cravings stopped and my thinking felt clearer. I wasn’t expecting to lose weight, but my body benefited greatly when I lost over seventy-five pounds within the first year of learning to live with my sugar addiction..

It wasn’t a big expensive diet plan. It was a do-it plan. All it really cost me was paying attention to how I felt in relation to what I ate. It’s not past tense, though. I get tense when I stop paying attention.

Sugar still lurks in many places and in many forms. And sometimes it feels like it’s just waiting to pounce on me to take control again. That’s why I keep paying attention. Awareness is the first key. Acceptance unlocks the deadbolt, and Adapting opens the door to living the solution.

My forthcoming book tells my story. It’s an example of what can be done by paying attention.  I don’t push my way of eating on anyone else. Because the way I eat is customized to me and the way I feel. I went from feeling impossible to feeling I’m Possible. Healthy. I do think it could be helpful for anyone to pay attention to how they feel after every meal!

If someone wants to use guidelines from a diet as a starting point, that’s  a personal decision. I believe it’s good to collect useful tools for living healthy. But if a tool isn’t working well, it’s also a good idea to stop using it. Or find a different way to use it. I’ll be using my book as a reminder, an example and an encouragement to keep going.

Speaking of my forthcoming book. It’s getting closer. I’ve had a few people read it and the reviews are positive:

“Your book is very good! You have a clear and informative style and convey that you want to encourage and support your reader. Your book should resonate with many- weight and health warriors of course, but also with people who want to learn about improving their lives, living better, being better person/woman, etc.” Jena C. Henry, author of The Golden Age of Charli series.

“Offers wonderful insight into the the range of emotions that are often experienced in the struggle to make healthy life-long changes. An invaluable resource for those who are seeking to replace emotional eating with mindful eating.” Julie Peterson MS, RD

“Anyone reading the book will know you as a friend, an honest human being that has the courage to openly share what most of us keep in the closet as well as the touching, tender experiences with your father’s stroke and death.” Sandi Scholl, English teacher and avid reader.

To everyone who has liked my Facebook page and posts, tweeted and retweeted my tweets (trick o’ tweeting?),  commented, or just read and nodded privately. Thank you.

Lots of sugar free love,




One thought on “Sugar Love. (not)

  1. And lots of sugar free love right back to you! I’m positive it’s the sugar in the Cola that I was addicted to and not the caffeine. Thankfully I hate diet soda so that wasn’t an option. It makes me sad to see so many drinking it thinking they are doing themselves a favor. Sugar free yes, but oh the nasty stuff in it’s place! Anyway, it’s not about that right now, it’s about your book that I am so anxious to read! I’m already on the right path and I know reading your book is going to make me want to stay on it! Love you Maru with all my sugar free heart. xo

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