For the Health of it.

I’ve been exercising to some DVDs lately. I’ve collected enough discs over the years that I’m not likely to be bored any time soon. (Note that I said collected. Some were still shrink-wrapped.) I change up the style and duration of the workout so my body won’t go into some lazy mode and not get the benefit I want from the exercise. I don’t know the science behind that, but I saw something fly by on twitter that makes me think it’s a thing.

Anyway, with ice and snow on the sidewalks and a stiff breeze blowing, I haven’t been keen to run outside much. My husband and I took a mile or so walk in deep snow on Saturday. It was a definite workout. So much so, that I’m ready to learn how to cross country ski. I’ve always thought cross country skiing looked like a lot of work. But after Saturday, I’m thinking it might be fun, too. I’ve changed my mind about exercise that has to be worked at. It’s not something I want to avoid anymore. (Yet another transition from impossible to I’m Possible!)

Back to the DVDs. I play them with the sound on because I need the cues for directions. I’m looking forward to knowing them well enough to not listen to the chatter, though. I liked it when my Jazzercise instructors chattered through the repetitious sections. It was a welcome distraction that made the reps and the time seem to go quicker.  They changed up their stories and it was interesting. But for various reasons, I don’t do Jazzercise right now.

I find myself a little annoyed at some of the chatter on the DVDs. That instructor can’t tell if I’m doing the move right or sitting in a chair. (That’s what I did to one exercise DVD I checked out from the library. It didn’t do much for me!) I know she’s trying to be encouraging, but what really bothered me was the repeated chirping about losing weight. As if a person only needs to exercise like that if they have excess pounds to shed.  I think the best reason for a person to exercise is to feel good. To be healthy. That kind of reason doesn’t stop and it works for someone who is overweight or ideal weight. It doesn’t play into the idea of never good enough. Just do it for the health of it. That’s good enough.

Perhaps the reason I was irritated over this language is because many people view Weight Watchers as being only a weight loss plan. Sure, many people join Weight Watchers because they are overweight and want to lose weight. But the reason I joined Weight Watchers was because I wanted to track my foods and moods (blogging) in conjunction with what I learned about sugar addiction from Potatoes Not Prozac so I could be healthier. So I could feel better. I needed to lose weight. I was obese. But I didn’t know if I could lose weight. I was almost 50 and flabulous. I just knew I wanted to eat enough to not go into calorie hoarding mode. I didn’t know the science behind that, either, but it terrified me.

One of the side effects of what I did with the Weight Watchers tools and the Potatoes Not Prozac rules, was weight loss. I got rid of lot of weight. From my highest of 253 to my lowest of 159. But that was in 2012. And it’s 2016. I’m still using Weight Watchers and the PNP guidelines to track my foods and moods. I don’t need to lose weight when I do this. I use my tools and rules for for the health of it. Because my goal is good health and not a number on the scale. My goal is to be in control of food and not controlled by food. It’s a lifetime thing.

I’ve written my book as a reference for me to continue doing what works for me to be healthy. It’s helps me remember how bad things were. And how good things got. And how easy it is to go back if I don’t pay attention.

It’s the journey of impossible to I’m Possible. It documents my struggle to live with sugar addiction. It’s not a diet book.  It’s a do it book. For the health of it.




2 thoughts on “For the Health of it.

    1. I really think the focus is better on good health and feeling well. When I started this journey, I had pretty much decided I couldn’t lose weight and keep it off. I just wanted to feel better. The weight came off as a side effect of feeling better!

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