The Proof is in the Putting.

I’m trying to make a play on words here. But it looks to me like I’m trying to play a short game of golf. Perhaps my brain will chip in and save this post.

I got my proofreading report yesterday. I would write that in all caps, but it’s still early and I don’t think I should be shouting. I am very excited, though. I am moving forward again after what seemed like months of waiting. (It was weeks.)

Today is my day for approving corrections. I’ll be putting things in their places. Most of the corrections are missing periods in lines of poetry. I could call them pregnant pauses, but perhaps it’s menopause. That might be more appropriate for a fifty-something author. Yes, AUTHOR!

I still don’t have my launch date, but it’s getting closer. I’ve had a few people read my manuscript and the reviews are encouraging. It has been said that I have a nimble way with words. An author friend (I’ve actually never met her in person) tweeted to me and said, “Your book is very good! You have a clear and informative style and convey that you want to encourage and support your reader. Your book should resonate with many- weight and health warriors of course, but also with people who want to learn about improving their lives, living better, being better person/woman, etc.” I’ll take that twitter comment as a birdie told me! (Thanks, Jena C. Henry!)

Speaking of Jena C. Henry, she is the author of a series of novels called The Golden Age of Charli. In the first book, RSVP, the main character is adjusting to her husband being retired. He goes from working full time to playing golf full time.  The story is about her quest to reconnect with her husband so they can enjoy retirement together (she’s not a golfer).  Jena’s characters travel in different circles than I do, but her book was a fun, yet thought provoking, read for me as my husband and I will be approaching retirement in a few years.

I’m not a golf player, but I have taken lessons and I have hit a small number of shots that help me understand why people enjoy the game. There are a lot of golf terms that could be integrated into this post, but I’m going to forego that. It’s fore the best.

And now, I’m going to put in the corrections to my proof. Pretty soon, I’ll be able to share The I’m Possible Journey with everyone who wants to read it. I continue learning to live with sugar addiction. The proof is putting things in their places. Being Aware. Accepting. And making Adaptations. Hmm. Sounds like that AAA would work for golf, too.



2 thoughts on “The Proof is in the Putting.

  1. and then it comes to me … I got “The Proof is in the “Putting” (pudding)” Now I see the word in golf terms and know why you could have gone further with that one. Oh how clever is that mind of yours, and thank you, for again making me smile. xo

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