Fib You’re Wary.

Last month I explored Januworry and Januwary. What I realized was that I just need to be aware. Aware has to do with noticing the truth. So, today, on the first day of February, I’m thinking about all of that again. Fib you’re wary. It’s what happens when you mess with the truth. A fib in some definitions is considered an unimportant lie. But I’m thinking of deception. That can be very serious.

I have a friend in the Weight Watchers community who has a great signature quote about the body tracking everything perfectly. It goes right along with what I’ve learned about Weight Watchers tools just being an awareness thing for the mind. The body doesn’t miss a thing. The mind? Well sometimes it seems like it is missing!

I’ve learned that treating weight loss and health management tools as awareness aids takes away adversarial connotation and stress. The evil scale, the bossy tracker, the teasing too tight clothes. It’s a mind game. And it matters if you play.
This segues into my little AAA thought from a road trip last year. Aware, Accept, Adapt. In the case of a blowout or binge, when I take the time to track for my mind to really be Aware of what my body has already tracked, I can Accept it as done and begin to Adapt my plans to change attire.
The scale is a tool of awareness. Giving it power over my mood is an unfair exchange for what it gives me. It’s just a number for that moment in time. Treating it as an awareness tool and accepting the number as just a number and not who I am will help me focus more on really who I am and what I want to be. I can consider things I might change. I can adapt to change my course so I really am heading in the direction of my goals.
My clothes might be tighter for a day or two, but the awareness helps brake the momentum of a runaway binge. It might even encourage me to go for a run instead of running away from reality into more trouble. Perhaps the awareness and acceptance helps me remember to increase fiber intake or reign in the grazing. Maybe it will help me drink more water when I just think I’m hungry. The reality is, though, as far as the mind tries to get away from it, the body is still faithfully tracking it all. The food, the lack of movement, all of it.
My guidelines for managing my sugar addiction help me be aware of who is in control. Me or sugar. When I start to graze, I need to be aware. When I don’t take my multivitamin, I need to be aware. When I don’t blog, I’m in a danger zone.
Last night, after a really long and full day, I got home and thought about eating something. I wasn’t hungry, I just felt like eating. Awareness kicked in and I logged in on Weight Watchers to read some blogs. I thought about all of the non scale victories I’d had during the day and didn’t want to take away from that positive feeling.
I had served a dinner of beef ribs successfully, without using sugar. Provided ice cream and fudge sauce for dessert with no desire to eat it. (I don’t force my eating style on anyone.) Blueberry herb tea was what I wanted and what I enjoyed. When we had supper at my in-law’s house and I didn’t have my emergency salmon pouches in my purse, I was active in helping my mother in law put together an impromptu supper that would work for everyone.
My participation ensured that her chili didn’t have added sugar in it. I really appreciated her support of me when, on reading the label and finding sugar, she didn’t add that can of baked beans to her homemade Weight Watchers chili. While the chili was heating up, I sliced apples and spiced them with cinnamon and a little vanilla extract and nuked them for a few mintues in the microwave. Sugar free crustless apple pie!
I could have said, “Oh, I’ll be fine. Whatever you fix will be great.” But that would have been a bit of a fib. And I would have been wary. By being aware and proactive (and having a supportive mother in law), I avoided the fib. And I’m aware that I feel good! There’s nothing to rue. It’s February. The days are getting longer. I’m aware that I’m stronger!
This journey of mine seemed impossible five years ago. In January of 2011 I joined Weight Watchers to try to lose weight before my son got married. I lost some, but I wasn’t fully aware of my sugar addiction and how it really affected me. I stopped using Weight Watchers because I was feeling helpless and hopeless and hung up on bad feelings about the tracker and the scale. In January of 2012, I joined Weight Watchers online again. But this time it was to use the tracking tools to make sure I ate enough to lose weight if I could. I had already greatly reduced my sugar intake because of a book I read about sugar sensitivity. My motives had changed. I wanted to feel better. Truthfully tracking my foods and my moods, helped me make adaptations so I could.
In the process of time and tenacity (holding on to feeling good!), I’ve lost a lot of weight, aches and pains, and mental fuzziness. I’ve regained my health and impulse controls. I’m back to being me! It wasn’t impossible. I found that I’m possible!
I’m very thankful for all of the supportive comments and interest in The I’m Possible Journey. I am still waiting to get my book back from proofreading and final cover design. Hopefully, that will be within the next week or two. After that, I have to review and approve everything before it is ready for sale. I’d love to know when the actual launch date is, but the truth is that I don’t. What I do know is that it’s closer than it was yesterday!
Happy February!

One thought on “Fib You’re Wary.

  1. Happy February to YOU, my dear Maru! Fitbit is helping me keep track and I’m feeling a bit more in control. Today I got my coffee at Dunks without that sugary side order I usually get to go with it. It wasn’t even that difficult to sip my coffee all by itself while I watched the seagulls soar. Thank you for another great post!

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