Catch up with a blog.

Catch up with a blog.

I tried to post a Weight Watchers blog from my phone while I was waiting to board my flight in St. Louis on Wednesday. I got all techno and tried to include a picture of the roasted veggies I had packed for my lunch. But the tech said NO and I lost it all. (I didn’t lose my lunch, though). I should have posted first and added the picture later.

I haven’t had time to blog since then and I’m feeling it. Yesterday had a period of time that looked an awful lot like grazing. No sugar. Just grazing. It’s a warning sign and I’m paying attention to it with this blog. I’ll recap what I wrote in the airport. And I’ll post it on both of my blog sites.
As you can see, I’ve successfully added the picture. It’s a medley of roasted radishes, radish greens, baby carrots, butternut squash, and garlic. The picture is what it looked like at my daughter’s place. I had the leftovers in a sandwich bag. I’m not sure what my seatmates thought of it when I ate the roasted veggies on the plane. I’m not sure it mattered very much. I was in the middle seat and didn’t get to use any arm rests. I followed up the veggies with an orange. It was like an edible air freshener.
My fellow travelers had reason to be thankful that the protein I consumed was dried beef and not a tuna pouch. It’s highly likely that didn’t cross their minds, though. The man to my right was nervously clutching the tray table and the arm rest whilst peering out the window at the wings/engines  the whole time. I didn’t chat with him because he was wearing earbuds. The man to my left was watching a video and wearing a headset. No words were exchanged.
I had a good visit with my daughter this past week. On the last full day we had together, we both got massages. It was a last minute idea and we were lucky to find a good therapist who had time for us in back to back slots. My daughter went first while I went for some retail therapy. As I poked through the final clearance items at the nearby TJMaxx, I was very aware that in years past, I would have been buying lots of “bargain” holiday treats. I wouldn’t have had to worry about how to pack them, because I would have packed them in me. All of it. Before the massage.
This year, I was very aware that the cost of these so called bargains would have been my control over sugar. I had no interest in paying that much and so I left them there and walked on with a lighter step and a not lighter wallet. There was a Russell Stover Outlet on the way to the massage place. I ended up passing it four times. And not stopping once. Once upon a time, I would have stopped and looked for bargains. But I knew the best bargain for me was not stopping.
On the intake form before I had my massage, I listed my occupation as “author”. It’s the first time I’ve done that. There was a little thrill involved. The therapist asked me about my book and I was glad to tell her about it. It’s good for me to talk about it. And she seemed interested. As she worked on my back, she commented that I was well hydrated because my muscles were relasing easily. I have been very aware of drinking enough water lately. It pays.
After the massage, we went to Chili’s for supper. I had a gift card to use and it worked perfectly with their 2 for $20 special. I had the 6 oz steak that came with loaded mashed potatoes and broccoli. I considered getting double broccoli, but decided to try the potatoes. We shared an order of chips and guacamole. I enjoyed the appetizer and noted that it’s just as well I don’t have access to those chips on a regular basis. The rest of my meal came and I enjoyed it all. Except for the potatoes. Partway through eating them, I realized I didn’t really like them. So I left them on my plate. I didn’t need the calories for fuel. It would have been foolish for me to continue eating them just because they were there.
That takes me back to a meal I had at my daughter’s place. I made cottage cheese pancakes for breakfast. The oatmeal she had was in packs with evaporated cane juice. The fancy name for sugar didn’t fool me. I didn’t have any. I made a concoction from my Skinny Gut protein/hemp powder packs, an egg, a little water and some baking powder and treated it like pancake batter. They looked like pancakes, but the taste and texture weren’t my favorite. I ate them, though, because they were my fuel. They didn’t make me gag, I knew it probably wasn’t my last opportunity for breakfast ever and if it was, I didn’t think it would really matter. My daughter was a little concerned that I wasn’t enjoying my breakfast as much as she was enjoying hers, but I explained my fuel reasoning.
Foolish vs. fuelish. It makes a big difference to me. Foolish is me just eating to eat. Or eating something with sugar (overt or not). Fuelish is eating the healthy option even if it’s something I don’t really, really like. Fuelish is what I do when I’m at a breakfast buffet with sausage gravy, biscuits or croissants, and sugar sweetened fresh fruit (I knew, because I asked). Protein powder, tuna or salmon pouches, and squeezy applesauces are my fuelish supplies when the food would be foolish for me to eat.
Works for me.

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