Little Miss Understanding.

I just found out this week that I misunderstood the dates in the publishing process for my forthcoming book. It won’t be ready for February. I really don’t know when it will be available for purchase. The timing depends on proofing and printing and shipping and other matters that matter. I mind, but I can’t do much about it. I’m sorry if my misunderstanding causes a problem for anyone anxious to buy my book.

As I tried to process this twist in my timeline, I thought about some children’s books. The Little Miss series. I don’t think there’s a Little Miss Understanding, but here’s how my thoughts unfolded yesterday when I was on a plane traveling to visit my daughter.

I know I’ve said “I understand” when I’ve been listening to someone tell me about their health or feelings or whatever. But often, unless I’ve actually experienced the same thing, I really don’t understand. Only if I’ve walked in their shoes (and look at that! Shoes are under standing!) that I can come close to understanding their situation. If I’ve missed walking in their shoes, I’ve probably missed understanding completely.

Book publishing. I’ve never done it before. It’s way more involved than I ever dreamed it would be.  I thought I understood my editorial consultant when she told me the timeline that had me thinking I’d have a book for sale in February.  The tricky thing about misunderstanding is the person who doesn’t really know, doesn’t really know they don’t know! I didn’t understand that where her timeline ended, another one began. Everything to do with printing and shipping and handling.

What I do know is that this book will be out sooner than if I hadn’t ever started it!  I’ll use the waiting time to develop an actual website with other features. I’ll keep writing here and on my Weight Watchers blog. Writing keeps me aware which is key to managing my sugar sensitivity. I might venture into posting recipes, too.

Somewhat related to all of this, I started reading Daring Greatly on the plane yesterday.  I’ve found it to be confirming and validating. Some of the thoughts I came to in writing and analyzing my journey with sugar addiction can be explained with Brene Brown’s research. I’m not sure if I have actually embraced all the ideas, but I think I’ve at least given most of them a hug.

I’ll close this post with this:  although my February publish date is not happening, my book is happening. I’ve dared greatly. I’ve embraced vulnerability. And I feel thankful. Thankful for the experience. Thankful for support.  This isn’t an impossible situation. I’m possible. Enough.









8 thoughts on “Little Miss Understanding.

  1. I understand… I think. (smile) Your journey thru the publishing process interests me… not sure whether to be encouraged or otherwise since I’ve also learned it’s complicated, but keep on keeping on… and keep writing!

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  2. No matter when your book comes out, I will be on line to buy it! I am glad you have such a great attitude about it, but then there isn’t really much choice is there LOL!

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  3. I am VERY anxious to read this book and had planned to read it to get myself motivated to lose these 50 pounds that are weighing me down. Well, guess what. I decided that I need to do this NOW, not because I was motivated by you, but because I need this for me. Right now. No more excuses like “I’ll start when I read Maru’s book”. Brad is on board to eat however I need to eat, and I’ll be on board for him to eat the treats that don’t treat him the way they treat me! Also, I love your shoes are “under standing”

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    1. I love your comments, Kelly! And good for you on your decision. It really has to come from you. I hope my book can encourage you to keep being true to what you need to do for yourself and your health!


  4. I will be reading it, no matter when! And this has prompted me to think a bit about Little Miss Behavior and how she has been trying her hardest to uproot me! Somehow I missed this post. I’m glad I found it today.


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