Polling for answers.

I was thinking of writing about trolls. Con trolls. Like how I feel when sugar is messing with me. When sugar is in control, I’m not.  It’s like a troll is calling the shots. I’m strongly against that. Con troll.

When sugar is not in control, I have a better chance at continuing. Con’t roll. Not rolls of blubber, but rolling along on my journey. Able to steer and stay safe. Enjoying the ride and thankful to be on it.

But then I got to thinking about my forthcoming book. I still don’t have a publish date, but I’m hoping to know it soon. It will be available as a book and an e-book. I’m wondering which format will be most popular.

I happened to notice the poll feature on this WordPress site, and so here’s my first poll! I’ll decide later if I’m propoll or conpoll. That little wordplay reminds me of another. I used it in my Weight Watchers blog awhile ago. Progress. It’s moving forward. Congress. Well, I suppose that could be subject to poll. Or control.

So. If you’d like to take a moment and cast your vote on my poll, please do. I’ll be glad you did!


8 thoughts on “Polling for answers.

  1. I’m happy to see the real thing is winning. I have a laptop and a Kindle and a Samsung yet I still prefer the hard copy in my hand. Old fashioned? Just hanging on to some of the good old ways.

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  2. I’m hoping everyone who reads the book in whatever format they choose feels like a winner! An I’m Possible winner!! Thanks for voting and commenting and being YOU!


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