Refusing to be offended.

With some added spaces, that title could be explosive. Re fusing to be off ended. But I’m thinking of being goal oriented. If a person thinks of a goal as an end point, being off ended could cause one to not achieve a goal. Yeah, my mind explores words and phrases like that.

I actually see my healthy goal as Going On And Living. It’s an ongoing thing and I don’t want to be off ended from that, either.

Circumstances prevented me from submitting my cover and interior decisions to my publisher as quickly as I wanted to. I supposed that could mean I was off ended from that goal, but I didn’t let it off end me from submitting it a little later that week.

I used to choose (and subsequently chews) to be off ended by missed deadlines or situations beyond my control. I would let my sugar addiction take over and I’d be eating my way through every feeling and emotion. No wonder it seemed impossible to reach my goal.

Since learning to live with sugar addiction, I am much more aware of consequences to my actions and reactions. I have learned that refusing to be off ended keeps me in control and on track. I can track what I chew-chew and keep my train of thoughts more (een) positive. Impossible has changed to I’m possible. And a book will be out to tell the story next month (no date, yet).

This is probably enough for now. We’re almost home from a quick trip to Maine. (By the way, it was grand (kids)!)




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