Under Cover Operations.

I got my three mock up cover designs back from the publisher. One is a picture of me smiling and looking at the potential reader. Another is me on the ski slope at Sugarbush Resort before I learned how to navigate with sugar (the back cover will have a picture of me and my daughter zipped in the same ski jacket from the front cover). The last one is just graphics and words (my picture will be on the back cover on a smaller scale (at a healthy weight)). My dilemma is how to know which cover will serve my book the best.

I know some kind and curious people who will not care what the cover looks like. They have expressed interest in reading what’s under the cover: my story of learning to live with sugar addiction. But in the interest of giving the rest of the reading public a fair chance at picking up this encouraging, inspirational, and entertaining story, I want to pick the right cover.

I texted my niece who knows people who know things like this. (She actually knows a lot, too.) I heard from someone else that her person thought the non-picture cover would work well, but I wanted to know why. So I texted my niece this: “I’m wondering what her rationale is…. It’s hard for me to be objective. If I were still in the grip of sugar, I would be face down in a bowl of ice cream, fudge sauce, whipped cream, and nuts with none of this to consider because there would be no book and I would weigh 472.8 pounds or something. In consideration of that picture, I’m just as glad I’m only agonizing about the cover and interior design….”

Reality check. This book is helping me already and it’s not even in print.  The picture of me on the ski slope is significant to me because it was a comment from one of my readers that sparked the idea of a book in the first place. She said she hoped to know what I looked like someday–perhaps at a Barnes and Noble book signing. It’s the picture I chose for my first profile on Weight Watchers. A point in blue. Showing something I enjoyed besides eating. The picture tells the story of me going the wrong way on the mountain–into the woods on a slippery slope.

To be continued. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment!



6 thoughts on “Under Cover Operations.

  1. I think the pic of you on the ski slopes is a great pic! even though you can’t really see your face, that picture has a lot of history behind it! Are you to do a dedication to you dad?

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  2. so, I’m just seeing this … I’m sure you were able to come to a decision without my valued input, how, I’m not sure, but there you have it! 🙂 Just kidding of course and can’t wait to see how it looks and to get my fingers around it’s covers.

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