Justification? Justavacation.

10301974_10153901860509558_857021961503080108_nI used to use justavacation as a reason for freestyle eating when I was on a trip. My sugar addiction loved it and would push to keep it going long after I returned home. I’ve learned that I can’t afford to relax with sugar, though. I try to just stick with using my tools for managing my addiction. My justification is that I want to feel good. I want to be healthy. Justavacation isn’t a reason to mess with that.

I did a lot of planning for our recent ski vacation to Park City, Utah. I packed ziplock bags with Skinny Gut Ultimate Shake mix, hemp powder, and oatmeal. I brought single serve pouches of wild pink salmon and Chiapple squeezy coconut mango. We stopped at a grocery store for water, eggs, kale, coconut oil, frozen mango and apples. One of the codes for skiing is to always maintain control. That’s pretty much what I need for eating as well. For skiing, it helps to have the right tools. I’ve found the same to be true for eating.

We had our breakfasts at the condo. The first two days of skiing, we ate at the mountain. I ordered salads without sugar or dressing. I used a bit of mayonnaise and mustard mixed with my squeezy applesauce as a dressing and added a salmon pouch for protein. I enjoyed my lunches and felt good about taking care of my health.

Suppers were easy enough with condo cooking or eating out. I was careful to pay attention to sugar content and I was content to eat what I knew was good for me.

Part way through the week, though,  justavacation cropped up.  Our plan on Wednesday was to ski in the morning and go back to our condo (a half mile from the slopes) for a late lunch. I had my healthy breakfast smoothie with protein powder mix, mango, kale, coconut oil and water to start the day.  I decided to pack a salmon pouch and a squeezy applesauce in my jacket pockets for a snack late morning. I know that it doesn’t work well for me to get too hungry. I usually just adapt my lunchtime to suit my needs, but this was different. This was justavacation at high altitude with physical exertion from powder skiing. I worked it all through my mind and thought I would be fine with it.

The skiing was good. When we stopped for a hydration break, I had my protein and fruit snack. It gave me enough energy for a few more blue runs with bunched up snow. We skied a half hour longer than we’d originally planned and on the last run, the clouds lifted for long enough to look out over the valley–the first long-distance views we’d seen in three days of non-stop snow. It was grand.

We clomped “home” in our ski boots, toting our skis and poles. I think it qualified as strength training or something like that. I switched up how I carried my skis from shoulder to shoulder and sometimes tucked under an arm. Not exactly bicep curls, but better than fork lifts!

After we had our crock-pot chili and garbanzo bean corn bread for lunch, I decided to experiment a little with high altitude baking. I had some garbanzo beans, eggs, baking powder, and hot cocoa mix that I thought might make a good chocolate cake for the others to eat. I wanted the creative hit, not the sugar high.

As the oven was preheating, I smelled the kale chips I’d roasted and forgotten about earlier. I rescued them before they burned and went on to successfully make my hot cocoabanzo cake. All this was great, but then I tasted the kale chips.

Danger, danger! Between meal eating. You might think, “What? The Kale? That’s healthy stuff! Take it as a victory that it’s not brownies or cookies or candy!”  My sugar monster wanted me to think that. But I knew, even as I ate a few more chips that I was flirting with trouble.

I finally stopped eating the kale and used dinner that night as a turnaround to return to what works for me to feel good. I need a start and stop time for eating with no grazing between meals. Dinner was at the home of some friends nearby. It was a lovely, healthy meal that was seasoned with good conversation and no dessert!

Awareness, Accepting, and Adapting came to my rescue once again!





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