Ending the Year with a Preposition.

One of my friends posted in her status, “What don’t you apologize for? ( i know i just ended a sentence with a preposition).” It was an interesting thought but I got stuck on the preposition part of it.

I remember being confused about the rules of grammar. Don’t end a sentence with a preposition. Period. Why couldn’t you end a sentence with a preposition?  Question mark. As a matter of living, I found out it didn’t matter for most things. The angst I might have had over just how to word something to avoid ending with a preposition really wasn’t worth developing an ulcer from.

This morning, I Googled my questions and found a very helpful site. Click on the link if you want to learn what I learned! Keep reading if you want to know what I was really thinking about!

Preposition. Pre position. Sounds like something to do before you get to Ready, Set, Go. For example, this blog is a pre position to my book launch. I have a place to point when someone asks me about my book. I think I’ll be developing it into a web site as a pre position for where to buy The I’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction.

Speaking of sugar addiction, I went to a luncheon yesterday. I had a pre position for staying on track. I decided I would eat how I needed to eat in order to maintain control over sugar. This annual luncheon has been an annual learning experience for me–from a pre position of resolving to eat anything and everything that was put in front of me, to a pre position to quietly refrain from eating the things I thought would trigger my addiction.

This year, I learned that it would have been better for me to not eat the melon slices until I had a clear view of protein to go with them. Eating them when I did, with a fairly long gap before the protein was presented, pre positioned me for a bit of a problem after I left the lunch.

I got a buzzy, sugar type headache in the middle of the afternoon. I drank some seltzer before I went into a store to get some gift bags. But then I chose to buy some dried unsweetened pineapple and a bag of popcorn which I seemed compelled to eat on the way home.  Not good choices for me. I got through the rest of the afternoon on a grazing drift. The things I ate could be considered healthy foods, but for me in that setting, they were really drugs. Fortunately, I noticed. Awareness is the key here.

The rest of my AAA came along and with Acceptance (it happened, and yes indeed, I am a sugar addict) and Adaptations (eat a good dinner and be done eating for the day) I was on my way again. My I’m Possible journey. I pre positioned myself for a good start this morning. Writing about it is sealing the deal.

Weight Watchers launched a brand new program recently.  It hasn’t affected the way I eat much because I’ve been eating the way they’re pre positioning people to use the program (less sugar and less saturated fat, moving more, paying attention to feelings). I know what works for me and I continue to do it. That pre position has helped me not to spazz about the program changes.

The thing that did cause me some panic was news about the Weight Watchers community changing away from blogging to a Twitter type social media. Interaction with the blogging community helped me work through my first four years of learning to live without sugar. It’s scary for me to think that tool might expire. But here I am. I’m pre positioned to continue writing blog entries. If Weight Watchers blogs fade away, I’ll be here every day. Pointing my way through sugar addiction. (Don’t worry, I’ll disable the Facebook notifications.)

I think Weight Watchers is ending the year with a pre position. By January, the kinks should be worked out of the new program. People starting for the first time, or rejoining, will have a smoother introduction to the system. Ready for resolutions. Or as I see it, re:solutions!

Okay. That’s probably enough with the grammar. I was considering a discourse about propositions, but I didn’t want to hold anyone up.

I’ll just say, in closing, that I’m working on not apologizing for having a sugar addiction. I didn’t choose it. It just is. Fair or not. I feel sorry I didn’t know how to deal with it for years and years. But that’s not the case now. I have the tools that work for me. I use them. The only need I see for an apology (to myself and everyone who interacts with me) is if I don’t.

This is not a harsh comment to anyone struggling to find tools that work for them. I think learning to live with addiction is a very personal thing. It’s a journey to find the tools that work. And it’s a continuing journey to learn to use them as a lifetime thing. Aware, Accepting, and Adapting. My purpose in sharing my journey is to show that it’s possible. I’m possible. And you are, too!






7 thoughts on “Ending the Year with a Preposition.

  1. Maureen, you continue to be inspirational with your writing, and with your commitment to managing your dietary needs. I admire you!

    The new program caused some shirt for me


  2. Meant to say anxiety, not shirt!

    Anyway, not so much the principals about points values, but more so the feeling I got from some members. Sadly, I’ve cancelled my subscription and will continue my weight loss journey with a different (free) program. Glad to follow you here!


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