A Tip of my Hat to Dr. Seuss

A Tip of my Hat to Dr. Seuss

Over the course of writing my way through sugar addiction recovery (it’s ongoing), I’ve had times when my thoughts have come out in rhymes. Often, they’re in the distinctive Dr. Seuss rhythm and sometimes they spin off of one of his books.

Here’s a rumination that might be considered a ruination of the original. It worked for me, though.

Big A, little a, what begins with A? Addict Author’s Anectodes. A. a. A

Speaking of the AAA, I’ve got another rhyme. Aware, Accept, Adapt. A slogan for my time.

It’s my tool for lifetime trips, or recovering from a blow out. I change attire when shrinking size. Too big? Good-will or throw out.

Aware I have a sugar problem. Accepting that it’s mine. Adapting to conditions. Working to feel fine.

Big B. Little b. What begins with B? Believe beyond, be live! Be, be, be. The gift of being present and looking just beyond. To seeing what I’ll be if I eat like a gourmand. Not just seeing what I’ll be, but how indeed I’ll feel. The thinking to beyond makes sweets just lose appeal. It’s the be-ing of believing. Be living that, I can. I’ll (fa) bet these thoughts will work. I’m calling it my plan.

Now to skip ahead a bit, but not to letter U. (I’ve nothing ‘gainst old Uncle Ub, or even ‘brellas, too.) I’m thinking of the letter S and things I must eschew.

Sugar, snacking, grazing–sweets, and salty too. They tend to turn me into a cow. Moo, moo-reen, moo! Sugar gets all bossy and herds me to the store. I forget just who I am. I’m looking for some more.

I have to think another S. Stop, stop, stop! And go on to the letter T before I simply pop.

T….T, t….t. Yes. I’ll have some tea. It gets me through till mealtimes. Comfort. Come for Tea. A cup of Sweet and Spicy, herbal or with black. Peach DeTox, Ginger, Mint. I’ve quite a Stash, or stack.

That’s enough. I think I’m done. It’s almost time for supper. I’ll eat my meal, then burp and seal what’s left inside a tupper(ware).

Eww. You think. And I do too. But maybe you started to grin. And if you didn’t, Google Tupperware–it’s a plastic sort of tin.

Hold everything! I missed a beat.
I forgot to cover Y!
Yawning Yellow Yaks aside,
My reasons are true and tried.
Y is why I try.

I try with an umph
And that’s a win.
I stay far from sugar
And look! I am thin.

I write and I write
I track what I eat.
\Y is the reason:
I run with my feet!

I feel good
When I do
What I should.

Now I’m done.
Impossible for you?
I’ve found that I’m Possible.
I’ll ‘bet that you are, too!






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