Head First.

I just watched a video about the new Smart Points on Weight Watchers. (Weight Watchers has just introduced the biggest program change in 50 years.) A lot of what they talked about is already part of my personal plan. I wondered for just a moment or two if I should have pushed harder to publish my book sooner! It could have been a nice companion tool had Weight Watchers wanted to use it for this transition!

I say that somewhat tongue in cheek, though. I haven’t collaborated with Weight Watchers other than using their online tools for tracking and blogging (and all that entails). Actually, a couple of years ago, I was asked to tone down the sugar component of my personal success story when I spoke at the Weight Watchers One Amazing Day event. That thought introduced some self-doubt about my sugar addiction. I grappled with it for months before I felt like I’d regained control over sugar. I regained my story, though. And I lost the weight I gained while I was confused in my head.
The SmartPoints video ends with an encouragement to jump into the new program head first. Don’t compare it to how things used to be. I thought of intense foreign language study. Immerse yourself. Don’t try to translate back and forth. Just do it. This way. Now.
Looking at that last paragraph, I see the ending part with Nike in mind. “Just do it.” I’ve written about that before. Nike is the Greek goddess of victory. Put an umph after your try and that’s what you’re headed for. Triumph.
This way. Although the program may seem like it’s turned upside down and backwards, especially with the technical issues during the roll out, take another look at what happens after This way.
Now. It’s the present. A gift, if you will. (And if you won’t, I will still!) All of this stuff I’m writing is coming from my head. Head first. I can look at this program from front to back and top to bottom. From every angle, including the try(umph) angle. And as I look into the mirror, NOW, I see WON. (Well, the N is backwards, but it works for me!).
I won with the last program and I win with this one, too. Because I’m working it according to how I’m feeling. Healthy and wise. The wealth part comes because I’m free. For lifetime at G.O.A.L. (Also known as: going on and living!)
As far as my book goes, it’s doing what I need it to do for me. And it will continue to do that as long as I use it. I can easily look back and see how I was shrinking my mind as I was shrinking my body. A paradigm shift along with a shift from loose to form fitting. It’s not a diet book. It’s a do it book. Head first!
As far as this blog goes, thank you for reading it! Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions or requests.

The jacket was sold as a three in one system, but after I shrunk myself, we were able to get two in one! This is the same jacket I wore in the picture of me on the slopes at Sugarbush. I’m sharing it with my daughter.

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