Giving IT a rest.

Yesterday I did other things than blogging. Well, I did other things the other days, too. Just not quite the same.  I’ll just say that rest (in various forms) is a good component of being healthy.

Information Technology. I’m not really an IT person even though I thought I wanted to major in computer science thirty-five years ago. That was a band (width) wagon I didn’t stay on very long. I changed majors quite a few times before I settled into an MRS degree instead of a bachelors. I tried to master the third degree as I had kids. The laundry was Piled High and Deep at times, but oh well, it all came out in the wash.

As far as the wagon went, the band disappeared and the width got wider (and smaller and wider and not quite as small, ad nauseam (I wasn’t bullemic, though)) until I dealt with my sugar addiction.

Enough of that. I am thinking about paper books today. Although I’ve been a fan of search engines for quite a few years (my kids do NOT like it when I suggest a Google search instead of me just providing an answer of how to do something), I still like books. I like to browse through the used books for sale in the entrance to the town library. Most of the time, I just check out books for a month with my library card, but occasionally I find a used book I want in my own library.

It was in one of these browsings that I happened on Potatoes Not Prozac and recognized myself in the description on the back cover. I was definitely sensitive to sugar and I needed to do something about it. I paid a quarter for the book and, some days (or weeks or months) later, I got started on my journey to I’m Possible.

Part of the recovery program was to record my thoughts. I did that on the Weight Watchers online community blog. More than once, I went back to what I’d previously written to help me remember what I’d been through to manage my addiction, what I’d experienced free of sugar, and why it was so worth it to keep on going (or get going again after a relapse). It became clear to me that I would benefit greatly if I could just refer to a book instead of relying on IT. I’m in the process of making that book a reality. Because I’ve had a lot of encouragement to share it, I’ve turned to IT to help with the sharing!

This new blog is a form of IT (I Think!). I’m trying to learn how to use it more effectively. I know I’ve been successful at inserting links because when I click on the blue words, IT takes me to a different site. If you click on the Potatoes Not Prozac link, there are some editorial and customer reviews that have a lot of good information about sugar sensitivity.

In other news, I’m getting a new microwave today. To give you a peek into how my mind works, I was thinking a microwave could be a discreet greeting in a situation where a boisterous handflap might not be appropriate. I’m really just getting a microwave oven to help in my kitchen, though.

I’m also getting a new dishwasher. Yes, I thought “dish was her” as in “this dish was her pièce de résistance”, maybe like the birthday cake I made on Saturday. (Speaking of which, I had the greatest resistance to that cake. Not even a crumb went in my mouth! Actually, I don’t know if it could be called resistance because I didn’t feel drawn to eating it. That might be hard to picture, but it’s true.) And yes, the dishwasher is just to help in my kitchen, too.

No news yet on the launch date for my book. Stay tuned!

Best wishes for the best day possible! (And feel free to share my blog!)




2 thoughts on “Giving IT a rest.

  1. Hi! I am Sandi Scholls niece and have a question. I have high insulin but am not diabetic. Is this the same as insulin resistance or sugar sensitivity? My Doctor said I need to cut way down on all carbs.
    thanks, Jayme

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I can’t offer medical answers because I just don’t know them! Perhaps your doctor can help? Best wishes to you in finding what works for you.


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