My brain spasms a bit when I think about schedules. Perhaps it’s a control thing. Or something else. But what I’m writing now is in response to a tab I clicked on this site. Scheduled Post.
When I was talking with the marketing consultant (he’s the one who recommended I set up this blog for starters) from the publishing company I’m working with, I said it seemed like the marketing of a book could turn into a full time job. Blog job. Sounds a little strange.

He agreed with this and said that they offer some time management help for authors. I’m thinking it could mean scheduling. My next appointment with him is scheduled (aack!) a few days from now. He’ll have some more marketing things for me to consider. In the meantime, I’m seeing the views associated with this blog. Thanks for looking, folks!

I still don’t have an actual date for when this book can be bought, but don’t worry, when it’s scheduled for release, you can catch the information here! If you’d like to read more(een) of my writing, click here to go to my Weight Watchers blog.

I’m writing this on December 4th, but this post won’t be sent forth until December 5th. Cheers! I think I’ve figured this feature out.

PS. I actually hadn’t figured it out! I posted this as a page instead of a post. I’ve now cut and pasted it for a post to be viewed by most. (hopefully)

Please feel free to share, like, follow, and shout from the housetops about this blog! Thanks!


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