Flying leap. Or not.

Flying leap. Or not.

For a few years, I’ve made a vegetarian turkey for Thanksgiving. The image is this year’s model. When I looked at it perched on the edge of my mother’s kitchen island, I saw its facial features as either a little scared to fly, or determined to dig it’s claws (talons?) in to stay put.

I don’t quite see myself as a turkey, but I’m familiar with the facial features, or at least the imagined ones! When I started blogging, I was writing in anonymity for a few weeks. I could write how I was feeling and stay hidden even though I was publishing it on a site open to anyone with access to online Weight Watchers. (And that’s not limited to paying members.)

Writing about my feelings was the first leap. Sharing my blog was another. Publishing this book is a bigger leap, still! I could have kept it to myself–dug my heels in and not shared. I don’t know if I would have experienced as much personal success with managing my sugar addiction, though. I’ve found a community of support with other people who are living with sugar addiction or trying to live with someone who’s addicted to sugar. I’m taking a leap with sharing my story further because I know it has helped others as well as me.

I’m not sure when I first shared my blog with family and friends, but I did. It might have been after I started getting comments from other bloggers. I was getting weight loss results as a side effect of tracking my food and blogging my moods and my blog was part of the answer when people asked me how I’d lost weight.

That how segues into what I was thinking about earlier, but it’s on a different computer and I was interrupted. So maybe I’ll finish off here with a comment about this blog being my flying leap that would have been impossible a few years ago. This blog shows I’m possible. It might just show that you’re possible, too!


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