Comment ca va?

Note: I started writing this post earlier, but I was interrupted by more pressing matters (no, I didn’t have to do ironing, but I did need to deliver my car to the garage and run the three miles back home). When I got home, I wrote the previous post on a different computer. It was something I was thinking about while I was running. The “how” that segues into this post refers to that word translated into French.

I studied French in school. When I started classes, my grandfather used to say, “Comment ca va?” to me, but it wasn’t a phrase that we had learned. I heard it as “comments ah va.” I eventually learned that he was asking how’s it going? But I’m thinking “comments” this morning!

When I started blogging on the Weight Watchers site, I liked to read other posts and comment on them. Some of those bloggers started reading my posts and commenting on them, too. I liked the sense of community that developed.

Part of what I was doing to manage my sugar addiction was only eating at mealtimes. When I thought I was hungry, I’d have a glass of water, seltzer, or herbal tea and read and comment on blogs or write and read comments on my own blog. It’s was kind of a comment ca va thing. How’s it going? How are you doing it? And it worked for me. It was going well. It is going well. Ca va bien!

The book I’m publishing includes a selection of the blog posts I wrote as I learned to live with my addiction. I wrote to encourage myself and also explore what was going on in my head as I tried to shift my paradigm. I’ve wished many times in my journey that I could easily look back to how I was feeling or how it was going at certain points.  I thought it would be a helpful tool for me. I’ve proven the book’s value to me through the editing and revising process. Re-reading my story reinforced my memory of the power sugar had over my impulse controls and more. It helps me think twice before eating something that could jeopardize my control over sugar.

My writing style is what you see. I like to play with words and look at them from many angles. Sometimes I’m funny and sometimes I just try. As long as there’s an umph after the try, it feels like a win.

So, back to comments. They’re welcome. Thank you for reading this!




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