Pointing the way.

Pointing the way.

The image above is one taken in 2009. I was wearing a men’s XL ski jacket and it was a bit tight.  It would be another two years before I read the book that helped me accept my sugar addiction as my reality. (Potatoes Not Prozac, K. DesMaisons, PhD.)

When I started blogging on the Weight Watchers site as part of my toolkit to manage sugar addiction, I chose this picture as my profile. I chose the ski picture because it represented something I enjoyed doing other than eating.  I think the choice was telling me that I really didn’t want to be recognized. I was hiding inside of my excess weight.

When I look at the picture now, I see me heading into the woods, going the wrong way on a slope. An impossible journey. It seems significant that the ski resort was Sugarbush! It doesn’t take too much of an imagination to see the snow as powdered sugar.

I used the Weight Watchers site because I thought it would help me eat enough to lose weight, even though I was starting to think a thin me was impossible. My purpose was to track my food and keep a record of my thoughts along the way–two suggestions from the book Potatoes Not Prozac.

In the process of logging my food, and blogging my moods, I learned to live in a healthy manner. The side effect of managing my sugar addiction was a significant weight loss. (Right now, I’m 80 pounds lighter than my highest recorded weight.) I found it was possible to live healthy in spite of being a sugar addict. And in finding out that,  I found out that I’m possible.

I’ve selected blog posts from 2012 to October 2015 added some insider information and history (really mystory) and written a book about it. The I’M POSSIBLE JOURNEY: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction. It will be available for purchase in early 2016.




4 thoughts on “Pointing the way.

    1. Thanks, Rhoda! I hope you enjoy my book. It’s not a plan per se, but hopefully it will provide inspiration and encouragement for you to start your own I’m Possible journey!


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