Impossible to I’m Possible

I used to think it was impossible for me to live at a healthy weight. I didn’t seem capable of eating well enough for long enough to lose weight and keep it lost. I could ruin a diet in less time than it takes for people to change car insurance companies. And the cycle would begin again.

But in 2011, I happened on a book that changed everything. Potatoes Not Prozac is the main title and Kathleen DesMaisons, PhD is the author. Her back cover description caught my eye and I realized she was talking about me.

The gist of Dr. DesMaisons’ book is how to recognize and deal with sugar addiction. And the idea I took away from it was to eat three meals a day and track what I was eating as well as how I was feeling.  I chose the Weight Watchers online program as a way to track my foods and blog my moods. And in the process of doing that, I learned how to live with my sugar addiction.

I’ve been blogging on that site since January 2012. I’ve written thousands of words and burned thousands of calories. Well, I haven’t kept track of the calories, but my body has responded favorably to some changes in my thinking and eating and moving.

I was encouraged by a number of people to publish my writing. And finally, in the spring of 2014, I signed up with a publishing package.  I’ve just submitted my final revisions. Production is happening. I spoke with a marketing person today and he said to start a blog for my book. The I’M Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction.

So here goes. I will continue to develop this site as I figure out what I’m doing. Watch for a place to sign up for an e-mail for exclusive insider information about when you can purchase my book!

Thanks for your interest!


3 thoughts on “Impossible to I’m Possible

  1. Hi this is Jena C. Henry, of The Golden Age of Charli- I clicked on your blog and I am glad I did- I like to learn about successful and healthy weight loss/maintenance and I like the concept of “I’m possible!” Good luck!


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